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"To casual observers of either military service or the practice of yoga, the path from Oorah to Om may not seem obvious. But the intersection of yogi and veteran is natural if unexpected, beginning with the five classic yoga poses known as warriors." 

- NYT article Yoga & Veterans: A Different Kind of Warrior

Your Donation will help send a Veteran to any Om Collective Retreats: Costa Rica 2019, Colorado Rockies, or future 2020 retreats and beyond

The proof is in the research:

It's no secret anymore, Yoga & Meditation are now regularly recommended therapies to Veterans as as practices for relieving symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and even Opioid addiction. Research studies have shown that yoga can help regulate the nervous system, reduce stress, improve sleep, reduce symptoms of PTSD, relieve symptoms of and prevent low-back pain, and reduce inflammation in the body.

Path from Oorah to OM:

Getting a veteran to TRY yoga can be the hardest step of all but typically one class is enough to get them hooked. Why? Believe it or not, the similarities in a yoga practice and the PT (physical training) military offer familiarity and reassurance to those coming from a military background. A class often includes yoga pushups (chatturangas), sit ups (navasana), lunges (warrior poses), and requires key values such as focus and discipline. Being in a class regularly promotes camaraderie and bonding that one develops working on teams/squads/units in the military. Slowly but surely the combination of controlled breathing, focus on physical postures, and present moment awareness begin to unravel past traumas from the INSIDE OUT. Veterans notice that when they leave class they feel better, are more at peace and able to focus, sleep restfully, and navigate the world. 

Travel Not Only to See New Sights but to See with New Eyes:

Most Veterans are not only used to travel but crave it and find comfort in it. Travel also offers many healing benefits; reduces anxiety and depression by allowing veterans to disconnect from daily stresses, see and witness how other cultures live, find adventure, and again there is that social connection aspect that mimics military life. Yoga retreats offer shared bonding experiences that you only get when you witness something new and incredible with another human being. 


Donations of $10, $20, $50 or $100 are welcomed. 

100% of your donations will go towards sponsoring a Veteran on a yoga retreat. Simply send via Venmo to @EmilyLodgeYoga or use the Paypal link below. Be sure to write in the message that your donation is for SPONSOR A VET! THANK YOU!! 




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