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Find Balance and Unlock the Secrets to Feeling Your Best

Discover more about you to unlock the secret to feeling GOOD IN YOUR SKIN

Welcome to our quiz that helps you uncover, discover, and recover more about yourself; what’s good for you, and what is not, using your own intuition and guidance - your feelings! It's an amazing way to find out more about who you are and provides tips for your own personal health and happiness — body, mind, and spirit — so that you can show up fully for whatever and whoever is part of your day, including yourself. 

Feelings are messengers and are an indiction of our needs, wants and desires. Learning to acknowledge and trust your feelings, whether positive or negative, is a crucial step to being able to seek a balanced state of being. 


We all want to feel good physically, mentally and emotionally. We want to feel balanced, energized, inspired and happy so that we have the best chance to enjoy and experience the beauty of life and those who share it with us. But feeling good seems to be such a complicated subject that it is not always easy to know how to achieve or maintain this equilibrium. More often than not, life feels like a roller coaster. Although at first it might appear an alien concept, understanding and acknowledging your current feelings, even and especially negative ones, goes a long way in helping you to realize inner and outer harmony.


Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have. Generating those feelings is the most powerfully creative thing you can do with your life.

— Danielle Laporte, The Fire Starter Sessions


Feeling unbalanced, frantic, unworthy, uninspired, or stagnant? All of these feelings are valid, healthy guideposts pointing you into the direction of harmony and balance. The results of this quiz will show you which practices, meditations, and exercises will be optimal the methods of getting you there - to feeling GOOD IN YOUR SKIN.  We’ll take out the guesswork by providing specific, step-by-step recommendations. You’ll have access to Yoga, meditation and exercise classes to match your needs, easy tutorial guides for daily routine practices, as well as nutrition and herbal recommendations from our experts. 

Are You Ready to Discover Yourself?

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