The Secret Of Love

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

“The secret of love is in opening up your heart,” - James Taylor

This is a theory that most will agree with, yet opening our heart can sometimes be a challenging task.

The yogis call the heart center: Anahata Chakra. The name Anahata translates to un-struck, un-hurt, un-beaten. The wheel of the un-struck note.

I like to think of Anahata as a lotus flower.

In the sunlight, the flower opens its petals and blooms unconditional love.

Yet, in the darkness, the petals can symbolize obstacles that close and block off this center of love.

Part of being human is to experience pain, disappointment, confusion, anxiety, and jealousy (to name a few). And, when life reveals things like say, pandemics and rampant social injustice, it can be difficult to reside in a place of unconditional love.

In fact, often our response to protect or save is to harden and close up, which can create walls of tension and stress in the body.

Then, we find it hard to move through the rigid layers that can form around our heart and access our love.

Enter: Yoga.

Yoga helps erase those obstacles, or hardening, in the thoughts a