Tending To Your Inscape

19th century poet Gerard Manley Hopkins called our inner terrain an ‘Inscape.’

We are taught in school how to grow a seed, to tend to things, quite literally, in our outer landscape.

It usually isn’t until much later in life that we are fortunate enough to learn how to tend to what is inside of us...

Our “inscape.”

Our inner world is also filled with peaks and valleys, rivers, clouds, flowers, and weeds that take the form of thoughts, feelings, and energy swirling around within.

What do you do to tend to your inscape?

How can you drench your inner landscape with light and nourishment and love, so that you can thrive?

Yogis know that our yoga practice is an irreplaceable tool to tend to our inscape.

For example, our breath, just one of the 8 limbs of yoga, can be moved about within our body and create space for peace and balance to bloom.

Our breath can move about and wash over ‘weeds of thoughts’ and ‘cloudy feelings’, to help them clear or bring understanding.

Our breath can generate sound and vibrations that tone, strengthen and create vitality, letting the river of life flow through us freely.