Some Nights Are Magical

Some nights are magical. This was one of those.

A few brave yogis dared the uncertain weather and we met in a field of gold.

At the start, the wind promised some adventure. We joked about the potential storm and chose to breathe in what the practice offered.

When the rain started, I think I said something like - feel free to leave if you don’t like being wet. No one left.

Instead, we danced with nature and what she gave.

We soaked up the energy and offered it back as it came. It was the flow of nonresistance.

I didn’t realize how loud the wind was, until it stopped.

I could then hear the ocean in everyone’s breath and a calm settled through us all.

An exhilarating practice, followed by a deep peace.

New connections for these current yogis on the planet, in this beautiful field of gold.

Oh, yes - Be the vessel that the love flows through.

Thank you The_Om_Collective. Thank you Kimberly and Nathan for sharing your special space. Sign up here for Daily Classes at this magical space in Ellicott City.