When ‘Late Bloomers' Trust The Process!

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Have you ever been described as being a late bloomer?

I was.

As a child, I did not look nearly as mature as the girls around me. I was teased. Mocked. I can still hear the voice of one kid taunting me and calling me an ‘ironing board’ for my flat chest. It made me hate myself, my body and that stage of life.

And recently, when I heard a mom talking about her child not being “on grade level,” I once again felt my heart hurt for “the kid” that is judged and being held to some man created standard.

So, I think it’s time to let go of the idea of people being ‘late bloomers.’

What if we just released all thoughts like…

Oh, he’s short because he just hasn’t had a growth spurt yet…

Oh, she will find her dream job one day…

Oh, you’re 35 and haven’t made it yet?…

Oh, they held him back because he wasn’t able to keep up…”

This morning I looked outside at my backyard and I saw one single beautiful hydrangea blooming.

It was bright violet, in the middle of a hundred other faded dry hydrangeas that bloomed about a month ago.

Last month, when they were all blooming, it was beautiful. Magical. I appreciated the beauty every time I went outside.