Give Yourself Love, Or Else...

Om Collective Founder, Emily Plauche, shares a few tips on how she is giving herself love and care this month.

Winter can be tough and if I don’t take good care of myself I can end up a wreck - depressed, low energy, and restless, all at the same time, and with dry scaly skin on top of that...

Kind of sounds like a dragon in exile! 🐲

I’ve built up an arsenal of Winter self-love tools to get me through and help to keep me feeling balanced. Here are a few of them:

😴 Extra Sleep

🌀 Slower, meditative yoga practices like Somatic and Kundalini

🛁 Hot baths - connecting to the element of water and letting stressful thoughts flow out

🍵 Cacao from @peace_love_cacao_

For grounding & heart opening

🥘 Nourishing chicken soup

💚 Lots of cooked veggies

🦋 CBD tincture & salve from Clayton View Farm @harfordhemp (Maryland grown hemp!)

📚 Lots of Soul nourishing books to read! Right now I have The Prophet by Khalil Gabran, God & Sex: Now We Get Both by Mark Whitwell, and The Magpie Art by @paulweinfield on my nightstand.

The only person who knows what is best for you, is you.

Reclaim what has always been your birthright — feeling good.

I cast the brush aside

from here on

I’ll speak to the moon

face to face

— Kohad

Photo by @thefivearrows

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