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Leading retreats allows you:

  • time to build stronger and more meaningful teacher/student relationships

  • a space to offer longer workshop style classes with themes

  • get you and your students away from work, obligations & technology

  • delve deeper into the philosophy and spirituality of yoga (or whatever your niche is)

  • Let nature or the excitement of a new culture enhance what yoga already brings: open hearts, minds, open eyes



Leading retreats helps your students:

  • Bring much needed social connection into their lives

  • Discover the joy of hanging out with like-minded yogis

  • Build a tribe of forever-friends

  • Leave behind old habits and patterns

  • Use up their vacation that hardly any American ever uses

  • Have their favorite yoga teacher essentially in their suitcases (every yogis' dream!)

  • The opportunity for personal growth, transformation, and empowerment

  • A chance to deepen their yoga practice physically and spiritually

Let me help you lead a Yoga Retreat!

Dear Yoga teachers!


You give your heart and soul into your work,

but your reward is doled out more in thank you’s and blissed out faces than it is pay,

let alone paid vacations! Yoga retreats are YOUR WAY TO GET A PAID VACATION!

Yes, while on retreat you will be teaching and working, a little, but you’ll also be laughing

and smiling right alongside your students and experiencing the joy of travel.

In short… your students need you to lead retreats! Until every American is burning up their vacation I do not believe there are too many yoga retreats out there. So, what are you waiting for?


You CAN lead your own retreat, successfully!


Have you been interested in leading your own yoga retreat but never do because the idea

is daunting?


I’ve been leading trips locally and globally for over 8 years.  Together with my tech-savvy

husband we’ve created technology and business tools to make the process run more

smoothly and we are constantly updating them.  Along the way, I’ve made many mistakes

and continue to learn from them with each trip getting smoother and more fulfilling for

myself and for my travelers. Let my mistakes and lessons help you to start off without any



Take a look at the services I have to offer and let me know how I can help you bring a trip

to life.



Get 1 on 1 assistance from me as we sit down and design your dream retreat.


Together we will:

  • discuss extensively who YOUR ideal student/traveler is

  • find the right location

  • determine whether a full-service retreat center, hotel, or rental property is best for you

  • negotiate with chefs & restaurants

  • book transportation services

  • plan extracurricular activities

  • set costs 

  • set up a payment processing system (ranging from least to more tech savvy)

  • project profit 

  • design fliers and/or website

  • create social media posts

Investment: Hourly rate $100


Advertising only:

The number 1 reason I hear why yoga teachers don't end up hosting their own retreats is a fear of not getting enough people.


I can help you 1) Reach a much wider audience through paid advertising on social media and on my websites www.theomcollective.us and EmilyLodgeYoga and 2) Ensure that you are offering something that your students will love by drawing on and cultivating your strengths and understanding who your customers are.

Cost for advertising only: 

Featured on www.theomcollective.us and EmilyLodgeYoga

Shared in bi-monthly social media posts on Facebook & Instagram for up to 12 months 

Listed in my monthly email newsletter to subscribers of TheOmCollective and Emily Lodge Yoga.

Cost: $200 for 3-6 months $300 for 6-12 months

Cost for advertising plus one 60 minute coaching session:  $400

Financing, Registration, and Payment Service:

Financial assistance (loan) with deposits for booking a retreat center, hotel, air bnb

(sometimes properties require up to $3,000 deposit).


Handling money not your thing? I can take care of that for you and act as payment

processor; take deposits, send invoices to customers and track balances; manage

payments with hosts, transportation companies, chefs, restaurants; project and track

profit and then hand that profit over to you for an easy 5-10% per traveler that can easily

be built into your costs.



Free initial consultation (finance topic only)

$200-$400 flat fee and 5 - 10% per traveler (cost dependent on amount of services required)





WOAH I am a Yoga Teacher how do I pay for this? Easy... you can build in the cost of my services into your retreat cost and pass it on to your customers. Don't feel guilty! They benefit from it in every way :) 

Ready to start or have questions? Email me!

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