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OM Outside is Live! We are now offering classes in a spacious outdoor setting at Mt. Ida in Historic Ellicott City. And of course you can still practice with us live or at your convenience online. 


OM Outside

Connection is where the heart is!

Practice with your friends and make new friends safely, outside with us in Historic Ellicott City. Daily Classes

Live Music + Yoga



Our transformative instructors have a passion for teaching and are here to guide you in the most  coziest of settings - wherever you are.



Take our Harmony Quiz -ignite your intuitive wisdom  with these simple questions to guide you to the  classes and practices that are right for YOU.



Over 35 live classes

a week from OMazing teachers plus The Om Library,

an on-demand library of videos designed to support your journey within and without.

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Explore Classes

The Om Collective offers both Live classes as well as a Library of recorded videos to connect you directly with your teachers and guide you home, whenever and wherever you need it.

Join the Om Community

Welcome to a winter of deep community connection, health and wellness.

  The Om Book Club  

Discover new books based on yoga, mindfulness and self help recommended and hosted by your favorite teachers each month. Reflect on weekly readings with your community and connect with your teachers as they lead the monthly book discussion group.

Live Events

Lose yourself (in the best of ways) and find yourself all over again at one of our Yoga + DJ / Live Music Events. 

Deepen your understanding of Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality through workshops offered by our OM Teachers and visiting teachers from all over the world. 

Round Table Chats

Connect with the Om Fam Sunday, each month, for Coffee & Conversation and tune in to our Round Table Conversations where we talk about taking Yoga off of the mat and into the world. 

Meet yourself over and over again.

You can take classes anytime and anywhere.

The Om Collective is your online wellness studio.

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Meet your ambassadors

Savitha Enner

Vinyasa Yoga

Patti LeConte

Yoga & HIIT Yoga

Josh Craddock

Qi-Gong, Kickboxing & Calisthenics

Akil Taffe

Vinyasa Yoga

Keri Setaro

Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation

Daniel Rahayel

Kundalini Yoga

Daphne Swancutt

Yin Yoga

Michele Bickley

Vinyasa Yoga

Emily Plauché

Somatics, Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation

Passionate and Experienced Teachers
Yoga Equipment

Kim Manfredi,

Charm City Yoga

Emily Plauché is a wonderful yoga teacher....The students love her. The Om Collective, her new venture, is timely and much needed.


Kia Miller,

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Daniel is a dedicated student and teacher of yoga. He brings a rare combination of knowledge, compassion and presence to his classes.


Rachel Campanaro,

Pali Blues

Patti is a fantastic passionate instructor. Every time class is finished you feel so good and relaxed.

Meet Yourself Over and Over Again

You can take classes anytime and anywhere. The Om Collective is your online wellness hOMe.

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