Join us for our last Om Event:
A Halloween Yoga Celebration
Oct 31st 12pm at Mt. Ida!


The Om Collective will be closing our live online and in-person classes at the end of October.

Emily has moved and bought 18 acres of gorgeous property in West Virginia to create a camping and retreat space (which so many Om teachers are excited to do some retreats at next year!).


And, Michele is opening a new Yoga Venture next month! She will continue to teach her classes (and is adding more!) and is creating incredible events and opportunities for other teachers to also share classes and collaborations.


Please check our teacher page for teacher contact info and how to stay in touch with these amazing teachers and their offerings.

We can’t say enough how we are beyond grateful we had the opportunity to serve and connect through the Om Collective.

It was a tremendously healing space for so many of us to be together and practice during the height of the pandemic and all of its challenges.

Good things coming!
Namaste and Love.

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Meet your ambassadors


Savitha Enner

Vinyasa Yoga


Patti LeConte

Yoga & HIIT Yoga


Josh Craddock

Qi-Gong, Kickboxing & Calisthenics


Akil Taffe

Vinyasa Yoga

Keri Setaro

Keri Setaro

Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation


Daniel Rahayel

Kundalini Yoga


Daphne Swancutt

Yin Yoga

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Michele Bickley

Vinyasa Yoga


Emily Plauché

Somatics, Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation

Passionate and Experienced Teachers
Yoga Equipment

Kim Manfredi,

Charm City Yoga

Emily Plauché is a wonderful yoga teacher....The students love her. The Om Collective, her new venture, is timely and much needed.


Kia Miller,

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Daniel is a dedicated student and teacher of yoga. He brings a rare combination of knowledge, compassion and presence to his classes.


Rachel Campanaro,

Pali Blues

Patti is a fantastic passionate instructor. Every time class is finished you feel so good and relaxed.

Meet Yourself Over and Over Again

You can take classes anytime and anywhere. The Om Collective is your online wellness hOMe.

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