What can I expect to get out of The Om Collective experience?

You will always feel welcome. We invite you to find a hOMe here. To redicover a home within yourself. To rediscover self-kindness, love, compassion, and truth through the practice of Yoga and Meditation. Our classes are taught by experienced teachers who will guide you from the safety of your home or wherever you are. We will always strive to create the best quality classes with safe and espert instruction.

How frequently should I practice?

We promise that an everyday practice will result in a long and happy life. However, every day is different and so is your practice. We recommend balancing active classes with restorative classes. The body needs a combination of movement and rest to function its best.

Will I feel better after practing just one class?

Yes! You will feel great after practicing just one class and we reccomend that you practice each video multiple times so that you can intergrate the valuable tools and skills you learn into your own practice and daily life.

Will more videos be added to The Om Collective?

Yes! You can expect over 48 new classes from our ambassadors and featured teachers every quarter. One quarter is three months.

I am a beginner. Do you have classes for me?

Yes! We have many LIVE Beginner Yoga classes each week. In our video library, classes that are labeled "all levels" or "beginner" are great for beginning practitioners. Stay updated about our upcoming beginner series. In the meantime, we would love to here from you! Please send us a message telling us what you want to see more of.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime. Here's how:

1. Once logged into your Namastream account, click "My Account" on the menu bar. 2. Scroll down to see a list of active purchases.
3. Click the drop down menu for the subscription you want to cancel and select "Cancel Subscription." Contact us with questions.

Can I try a class?

We offer a day pass that gives you access to all of our membership benefits, like classes and support from teachers and The Om Collective community for a full 24 hours. The day pass works like a "drop in" class but even better because you get access daily live classes and over 45 prerecorded classes in every style with expert instructors for a 24-hour period. The cost is onsale for $19. (reg. $25) We suggest indulging in a day all about YOU and your self-care! Start your morning with an empowering vinyasa class with Michele Bickley. Pause for a lunch time meditation with Emily Plauché. Finish your evening with yin yoga with Daphne Swancutt. You deserve it and it is a great way to discover what our platform is all about.

I don't have much space in my home and I live with multiple people/cats/dogs/lizards, how do I make my space feel sacred like a studio?

We hear you on this! It may feel like there is no comfortable space where you are, but even the tiniest most cramped of spaces can be tranformed into an oasis. Watch this short 15-minute video from OM teacher and Feng Shui consultant Gina Casbarro on how to create sacred space wherever you are!

What does the membership look like?

There are four different ways you can practice with The Om Collective: 1. Drop-In / Day Pass: - 24 Hour Access ​- Access to online live classes - Access the Om video library - Drop in anytime 2. Library Membership: - Access the Om video library - Access the Om sharing circle - Access the Om book club - Access the Om round tables 3. Thrive Membership: - First week free - If you take two classes a week (or 8 classes a month) your per class rate works out to $13 - Unlimited access to online live classes - Unlimited access to the Om video library - Access the Om sharing circle - Access to the Om book club - Access to the Om round tables 4. Om Angel Membership Your membership will sponsor someone in need and provide them with health and wellness through their own Om membership. - First week free - Unlimited access to online live classes - Unlimited access to the Om video library - Access to the Om sharing circle - Access to the Om book club - Access to the Om round tables - Auto monthly renewal for easier access
+ Free health consultation
+ Two guest passes each month
+ Free access to one event each month Here is a video that walks you through our Library membership.

I signed up for a membership now how do I find my classes?

  • Log in to your Namastream account.
  • If you are looking for The Om Library click on the Membership "product" that you purchased (Thrive, Library, or Angel).
  • Then click on "Lessons". The classes are sorted by mood & mindset so choose how you feel like rockin your day: Balanced, Focused, Relaxed, Grateful, Empowered, or Energized.
  • If you are looking for LIVE Classes click on the "Calendar" tab in the top right-hand corner and you will see the schedule there.
  • Find the class you want to take, click "view" and click "register". This is also where you will find the Zoom link to join the class *once the teacher has started the Zoom video (approx 10 minutes before start of class).

I signed up for a DayPass. How does it work?

Day Passes give you 24-hours of access to our Live classes and online Library. Take as many classes as you want in a 24-hour period! Once you register and sign in for your class the 24-hour period starts. To register for a class simply log in to Namastream. Click on the calendar to see the schedule of classes and register for the one or ones that you want.

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