Eric Miller


Yoga Teacher

Om Live Weekly Classes

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Eric is a 6' 4" teacher who earned his yoga certification from YogaWorks at the age of 56. He had played football, lifted weights and worked in construction which kept him fit.

Then he stumbled into yoga at age 52 and found that doing yoga helps every facet of his life.

Eric urges everyone to move and exercise in some way every day. He teaches classes at a moderate pace to help his students keep stretching and breathing. Taking time daily to give yourself space to "be" is as important as daily cardio.


Eric encourages everyone to get on the mat. His trilogy is yoga, music and dancing... "you gotta move!"

Eric is the founder of Yoga & Soul, a yoga and live music event, the creator of the Be Kind Crayon Sign and the co-founder and CKO of the Infinite Love Project.

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