Daphne Swancutt


Yin Yoga Teacher


Om Live Weekly Classes

Daphne Swancutt believes the real you is discovered during life’s most challenging times. As a yin yoga teacher, her goal is to guide students to meet their edges, those places where they seek retreat but instead uncover their strengths. Daphne skillfully guides students into these experiences from a perspective that often integrates Taoist and Traditional Chinese Medicine, wellness and philosophy. She believes it is through this physical, energetic and mental exploration that you develop tranquil awareness—the kind of awareness that brings you closer to your body, mind and higher self. Yin yoga is for anyone, but perhaps especially soothing for students who are stressed, over-stimulated or overworked and need an internal balancing. Daphne offers her classes virtually from the beautiful setting of her home in New Mexico.

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