Beginner's Yoga Course


A six week transformational journey to strengthen your connection to yoga and self

Welcome to The Om Collective
Beginner's Yoga Course

It's time to give yourself a calm mind and a healthy body! 


Our Beginner 6 Week Course is perfect if you are new to yoga

or haven't been on a mat in a while and want a refresher.

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6 Week Beginner Yoga Course

All inclusive $65

Register anytime. Your 6 weeks begin when you do!

All Inclusive Package cost is $65 and includes 6 weeks of:

  • Daily LIVE Classes (Beginner and Beginner appropriate that are on schedule)

  • Beginning Yoga Video of "Welcome Workshop" with Nikki Watson

  • 24 hour Access to Pre-recorded Instructional Videos

  • BONUS Challenge: Complete 12 LIVE classes within the 6 weeks, you receive 2 tickets to any Om Collective Live Events on our Challenge list!

  • Cost: $65 Sign up here

How it Works:

We designed this Beginner Course to guide and motivate you into feeling your best physically and mentally and to connect you to a community of OMazing people who are making the same commitment to show up for themselves. Together we are stronger!


The Om Beginner Library includes recorded videos that you can watch any time.

* Log into your Namastream account and click on the "Lessons" tab.

* We recommend watching the 5-10 minute tutorials in the "Start Here" tab.

* Watch Nikki's Beginner Vinyasa Videos and Emily's Beginner Tutorials for in depth lessons on the poses, breath, and fundamentals of Yoga.

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To access your LIVE Beginner and Beginner Friendly classes:

Go to the "Calendar" tab in the top right hand corner of your Namastream.

  • View all classes and choose the ones you would like to attend.

  • You must register to attend a class.

  • To register, click "View" and then click "Register".

  • You will be emailed a Zoom link 1 hour prior to the start time of the class. You can also find the Zoom link on your Namastream on the class calendar one hour prior to the class start time.

  • Entry into the Zoom room will not be open until the teacher starts the Zoom - approximately 10 minutes prior to the start of class.

  • Choose from any LIVE Classes on this schedule:





















Bonus "Optional Challenge"!!! Win 2 Tickets to Om Collective events

Challenge Rules :

Attend 12 LIVE classes within 6 Weeks and you win 2 Tickets to any Om Collective Event on our list (see list below)

  •  12 classes in 6 weeks is totally do-able!! Meditation classes are included, as well as therapeutic Somtatic and Yin classes

  • You will feel OMazing starting a routine of self-care, building strength and flexibility (mentally and physically)

  • So it's a TOTAL win for YOU!! We want you to feel the benefits of Yoga and meditation.

  • We will help you track your attendance on a shared Google sheet you will receive when you register.

  • The Om Teachers will be joining the challenge as well, so we'll be cheering and practicing right there with you!

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