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  Behind your journey  


Who We Are

We are wellness ambassadors and healers who help people connect with themselves again.

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The Source

  Some things are simply meant to be  

Like crystals and moonlight or hammocks and naps, when magnetic forces meet, the result is something wonderful. 

The Om Collective is no exception. Their charged, energetic alliance is explosive and awesome. Their undeniable powers drew them to each other over the years teaching in yoga studios, at teacher trainings and chance meetings.

Then the world came to a halt. The pandemic hit. The yoga studios and gyms they had been teaching at, some for over a decade, took hit after hit and closed down. Yoga went underground, or outside really, in teachers' front yards, in parks and in students' living rooms via computers and TV's piped in through the collective consciousness of the internet.  


Emily then realized they were just getting started. The lives they lived prepared them for this moment. The instructors and guides of The Om Collective are healers. Healers meet people where they are and when they’re needed. 


The world was in pain, separated and stressed. People sought companionship and solace online.

Emily launched The Om Collective and envisioned an online health and wellness studio created for Seekers looking to deepen their spirituality and wellness. She wanted to empower others to take charge of their lives by giving them the tools of spiritual practices and mindfulness to use in their living rooms, anywhere, anytime. 

Together, Emily and The Om Collective set off on a mission to see this vision come to life. 

For all of them, it was important to build a space where Seekers can awaken their inner consciousness, and with it, the peace required to transform into powerful yogi warriors championing for a better, kinder world. 

Their goal is to give you and the world what is most needed now.

Emily Plauché

  Igniting the Revolution Within  


Yoga Therapist

Emily Plauché has started a revolution. A very personal one for women who have found it difficult to own their power, use their voice and leverage their whole selves to demand the changes they want to see in their lives, relationships, community and the world. She believes before any woman can “move mountains,” out in the world, they must first, move them within.


A philosophy she calls embodied activism, a willingness to address all of those things that are out of alignment and “shake things up,” when necessary. Her mission is to give women of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities (through a combination of Yoga, Somatic reconditioning and guided meditation) their power back so they can show up, speak up and step up in their lives.


A certified yoga therapist, armed with an MS in yoga therapy, and years training with some of yoga’s most recognized gurus, and a 6 year Army Veteran, Emily’s radical, unapologetic and fierce approach to “owning your power” is designed to dismantle limiting beliefs, challenge the status quo and take women to heights, previously deemed unimaginable.


For over 5 years Emily led teacher trainings for Charm City Yoga of Maryland as well as YogaWorks, certifying over 150 yoga teachers. However today, like many others, Emily has pivoted. As the co-founder of The Om Collective, a digital health and wellness studio for those looking to deepen their spiritual and wellness practice, she is focused on leveraging empowering women across the globe leveraging with the power of technology.


Michele Bickley

Promoting Healing, One Conscious Breath at a Time 

Yoga & Dance Facilitator

Michele Bickley's goal is pretty simple. Help her students rise—into their higher selves—one breath at a time to discover freedom.


She believes that a conscious deep breath can help illuminate everything that you are and that you are seeking. Stress, obstacles, anxiety or depression can be easier to face by learning to breathe. She should know. Breathing and yoga helped her move through depression, an eating disorder and many of life's curve balls.

Michele has traveled the world studying with some of the most renowned practitioners learning tools to deal with the “stuff” that can block us from embodying our highest self. This resulted with her picking up a little from here and a little from there in an effort to establish a life toolbox she could share with her students.

Michele has been teaching for over 20 years and in 2002, she co-founded Muv Dance and Yoga, an innovative arts organization that brought Yoga and Dance to hundreds of LA public schools, creating spaces for children to shine.

She created the original Yoga for the Classroom DVD and over the last decade, Michele has developed “Shake Your Shakti,” a Yoga and Music Fusion that offers a style and space for people to experience high levels of joy, freedom, connectedness, and health.